You live in a small village, that doesn’t really have a name. You’re several days ride from the nearest settlement, but isolation is safe, so exploration and trade don’t occur.

The Year is 1510 TH, which is 1510 years since the founding of the Dwarven Kingdom of Throal.

Your village emerged from a Kaer about 80 years ago, shortly after the end of the Scourge. Your village encountered little trouble once on the surface. You’ve had little contact with the outside world, as you’re fairly isolated, but you’ve been contacted once or twice by Dwarves from Throal, who seemed friendly. The village has evolved into a small hunter-gatherer society, with limited basic farming going on, and not many Adepts. There are around 300 people at most currently living there, of mixed races, though a the racial representation is fairly standard: 32% Dwarf, 19% Ork, 16% Human, 13% Troll, 10% Elf, 8% T’skrang, 1% Obsidiman, 1% Windling.
The Village Leader is a moderately skilled Warrior, and there are adepts of each discipline enough to train you all as first level adepts, though they’re all fairly old. Apart from that, most people are commoners. You are all fairly young, and are the first new Adepts the village has seen in quite a while. The Prologue starts with the Rite of Passage ceremony, where you are to go into the nearby woods and hunt down a band of Harpies that have been causing troubles with livestock, etc.

I’ve placed a marker on the map to show approximately where your village is situated.

Heroes of Barsaive

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